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Life Coach - Utrecht

Talk to Sri - Life Coaching in Utrecht

Are you facing challenges or transitions in your life and seeking clarity, motivation, and empowerment? As a life coach, I am here to provide you with the tools and insights to help you navigate both personal and professional aspects of your journey. Whether you're undergoing a significant life change, feeling stuck, confused, or in pain, this is a safe space for exploration, self-discovery, and finding the answers you seek.

At Talk to Sri, I offer life coaching services through online coaching sessions. If you are an international (international student, a non-native dutch young professional, an expat, or a cross-cultural individual) in Utrecht, my coaching services can help you if you are:

  • Feeling out of touch with yourself.

  • Feeling out of touch with your surroundings.

  • Feeling isolated in your current situation.

  • Lacking the social support you need to do better.

  • Experiencing feelings of uncertainty or " I don't know where I am going".

  • Navigating through unsettling transitions like moving to the Netherlands.

  • Struggling to integrate in the netherlands due to lack of understanding of the Dutch.

If you resonate with any of these then Talk to Sri. Talk to Sri - Life Coaching is here to provide guidance through coaching sessions that foster self-awareness, personal growth, and equip you with the tools to be your own best friend in tough times. Together, we'll embark on a journey toward your well-being so that you can lead a more fulfilled life abroad.

Why Talk to Sri?

As a certified life coach with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by students, expatriates and internationals in the Netherlands and through my own expat journey, I've recognized shared struggles and gained insights into the nuances of the cultural and international experience.

Breaking the Silence: Figuring out the smallest to the biggest differences, I've learned about the cultural challenges internationals go through.

My Mission: I aim to break the silence and ease the isolation often felt by students, expats, and internationals through personalized coaching sessions. As your social support, I guide, encourage, and empower you towards a more fulfilled life.

Unlock Your Potential: Together, we'll overcome obstacles, whether aiming for academic excellence, pursuing careers, or embracing the joys of expat life. I'm dedicated to motivating and inspiring you every step of the way.

Life as an international doesn't have to be solitary. With my guidance, discover the support needed to thrive, regardless of your location. Let's make your international adventure truly enriching.

Would you like to know more about the process? Then email me at or register for a free Intake (45-mins) where you can get to know me better and ask any questions you may have.

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